Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Update - It's Always Better with Football & Ice Cream

As I hope you can see, my weekend was hot and had football in it.  Friday Daughter and I got our hair done and that's about it.  Saturday, we went to a scrimmage at our school. Above is a picture of our varsity team.  Looking good, guys!  Can't wait for our first game.

After the game, we met some friends at church and drove up with Gpa and Gma to Young's Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH.  They have some of the best, creamiest ice cream around.  The above picture is Daughter in the yellow stripes and Son's bf, Tall B.  I love pictures that make you go, Man, I blinked!

Each week, Young's has a flavor of the week.  This week it was my favorite, Mint Chocolate Chip.  You can get two dips for the price of one.  Yummy.  That was a huge waffle cone.  A girl was standing there making the cones as we were in line.  Daughter looked at her and said "You have the best job in the place."  The girl agreed.  She said she didn't have to run back and forth or wait on customers. 

When we took Tall B home, we were waiting for his dad at the designated spot and an angry storm pelted us with lightning, rain, and winds.  This is what I saw out my Edge windshield.

This is some of our cherry tomatos and jalapeno peppers.  Yummy.  I used the peppers in the watermelon salsa and Foxy and Daughter have been munching on the tomatos.  I love harvesting!
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Yay for football season!! Yummy ice cream. Sounds like you had a great weekend

  2. Indeed football and ice cream do make things better:)


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