Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wrandom Wacky Wednesday

Today for my Wacky Wednesday theme, I have some, um, issues.  

Have you ever seen this? 
Except for the reasonable, horribleness that could be an accident, how does someone lose one shoe in the middle of the road?  For that matter, how does someone lose any item of clothing?  I see socks, hats (which I can see blowing off heads), shirts, etc.  I do not understand how you can lose just one shoe.  Keep your shoes on in the vehicle and this will not be a problem.  In the past month, I can almost clothe two people for all the things I see like this.

My company has summer hours that are Monday - Thursday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. I would rather work 7 - 5, but because I'm low-man-on-totem-pole, I get no choice.  The office manager tells me what my hours are.  So how come four out of five days, the office manager can not get here before 7:39 am?

Parents, when you send your child to an overnight camp, please double check what they pack; especially if they are 12 - 13 year olds, to make sure they have towels, extra socks and underwear.  It got very smelly in the 8th grade boy cabin.

Lastly, my favorite summer sound is here.  No, it's not the air brakes of the buses as they stop to pick up children (though that is a close second).  It's the cacophony of the locusts as they sing through the trees. 
I can sit out side and just hear them singing, and then going and looking for their brittle shells as they shed their layers.  
Like this one that was on one of our big trees.

What is your wacky issues? 


  1. So funny...I often see shoes in the middle of the road and wonder to myself, how...why?? Thanks for the laugh.

  2. I just learned last year what the shoes hanging on the power lines by the shoe laces mean!! LOL!

  3. HAHAA! I had to laugh about the shoe thing. What is it with people and missing articles of clothing in the street? Are they attaching them to the car in hopes they will air dry by the time they reach their destination? That doesn't work...I've tried ;)

  4. Oh man. I know I see tons of random clothing all the time. The ones that I dont get the logic is the shoes on the electrical wire. Also it scares me because that cant be safe.

    I dont know what a singing locust sounds like...Im guessing its pretty.

  5. Thank God that is not a picture of a roadkill! I just can't bear seeing one! Yikes!

    Anyhooo, thanks for dropping by to check out my WW picture and for leaving your wonderful compliments! Have a blessed day ahead! :)

  6. OMG I so get the shoe thing! I can see in a parking lot, you kicked your shoes off and accidentally knocked them out, or you had a second pair of shoes in the car, but going down the road... seriously and HOW on earth do you not notice you lost your shoe!

  7. I honestly don't get the one shoe in the road thing either. Unless it fell from the sky? Before we moved we lived next to the ghetto. The dealers would throw sneakers tied together by their laces and leave them hanging from the power lines. It was a sign letting their "customers" know the dealt there. True story. Who knew?

  8. I've seen that. And shoes up in electric wires - I never understood that.

    I might like the sound of the bugs, but not sure if I want to see one or their shells - lol.

    Hope you have a great day ♥


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