Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Post It Note Tuesday!  Follow the link and join in the fun!

Only Parent Chronicles



  1. i love DWTS. it's so inspirational. will have to find time to watch today before the results come on later. i would like to see margaret cho go on… she reminds me of kelly osborne in a way. her and bristol… i'd like to see her continue because i think it's going to be good for her.
    fun license plates!

  2. Hahaha, I'm gonna have to look this DWTS up on you tube.

  3. I saw a license plate today, on the back of a VW Bug, that said BUGGED! I thought it was awesome!

  4. I'm pulling for Kurt and Anna all the way!! I've been wanting her to win one season and I love him and how outspoken he is about his faith!! But I actually agreed with all your comments!

  5. I guess I should be watching Dancing With The Stars so I know what your talking about. So glad that you love the show, I know my dad loves it and that makes me happy. He doesn't watch much on TV.


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