Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Update - SYTYCD

We had such a great weekend!  My poor daughter is exhausted and we are trying to nurse her throat back to health, but everyone else is doing well.  Son is back to his almost normal self.  He text me Friday around 2:30 pm and stated that he had not had any pain meds all day and he wanted to go watch the football game.  So we went.  He sat with me almost the whole time, and we watched the Hornets just run over the other team.  The band invited the 6th graders to play pregrame with them.  It almost doubled the band! 

Saturday, we did some running around, cleaned and Daughter went with the band to Springfield for a band festival.  They didn't get home until just before 1.  Then she got up and went to church.  I didn't let Son go, because I was worried he might get overly tired, and he wasn't going to play or dress anyway.  So we stayed home.  I dozed until Daughter go home.

Sunday we had church, then I sent Daughter to bed for an hour or so.  Then me and four kids went to Columbus for the So You Think You Can Dance Tour 2010.  It was amazing!  I saw my favorite dancers and dances.  We had so much fun.

Miss Varsity, Son, Miss Dancer, & Daughter

I loved this stage!

This is Allison & Kent.  He is from O-H-I-O and the crowd was deafening everytime he came on the stage.  He was amazing!

It was a late night, but totally worth it.  Now things should calm down.  But we did get some cool news.
Foxy's sister, her hubby, daughter, son & his wife will all be with us for Thanksgiving.  Our niece is an actress out of NYC and has gotten a part in a dinner theater in Indianapolis.  Our BIL is willing to pay for all of us (the whole family) to go to Indy the day after Thanksgiving to see her opening night!  How exciting is that?  There will be more to come on that, I tell you! 

Have a great Monday!


  1. That is so cool that you got to see that show in Columbus! And now a trip to Indy to look forward to for more fun? You are lucky!

  2. Love that show!! I bet you had a great time! Hope you have a good week.


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