Friday, October 29, 2010

What the Friday?

What the Friday!

  • I heard that Michael Jackson is bringing in more money than another other dead person.  What the Friday!
  • Why does it feel like the kids in driver's education classes put more pressure on themselves to pass the written part of the test than an actual school test?  What the Friday?
  • I saw this bumper sticker last night:  There is only 1 God.  Quit applying for his position!
  • Tonight is the last Friday Night Lights for our high school team.  Then we are on to Basketball and Pep Band.
  • What kind of candy do you pass out for Trick or Treat?  My kids picked out all these sour things and Jolly Ranchers.  What the Friday?
  • I hate dressing up in a costume for Halloween.  I do not even like helping my kids decide what to wear.  So now, Daughter is going to a costume birthday party.  What the Friday!
This is another busy weekend.  Tonight is football.  Tomorrow, Daughter and I are getting hair cuts, then a little shopping, cleaning and then a band quarter auction for me, Foxy and Son and the party for her.  Sunday is church, trick or treating (we are just passing out candy), and Daughter spending time with boyfriend and his friends.   Have a great weekend!

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