Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wednesday.  Here are my random thoughts.

  • Every sentence that is said in my house is followed by Son saying "Me too."  Sometimes it is hilarious, sometimes it is stupid, but it is always annoying.  The funny thing is that he was doing it to the Band director too.  She actually started chasing him around.  Apparently it was the funniest sight ever.
  • I like Twitter.  I signed up and won two things in the last month.  The first was a Pillsbury Apron with the Doughboy on the front.  Yesterday I received four baking mixes from Dassant.  Here is a picture.

  • The Cincinnati Reds are in the playoffs!  Yay!  
  • Margaret Cho left Dancing With the Stars last night.  Sad to see Louis (her partner) go, but would have really rather seen The Situation leave.  C'mon America.  The Jersey boy is stiff and not all that good.  WOW.
Have a great Wednesday!



  1. The Lemon one looks oh so yummy!!

  2. I'm agreeing with everything you posted today!!! I won the doughboy apron, too! LOL... can't wait to use that badboy, i just bought some new cooling racks and a cookie dough scoop, so all I need are cookie ingredients and i'm good to go! lol...

    YAY REDS!!!! Can't wait to cheer them on - i'm honestly so happy that they made it!

    I was sad to see Margaret go, too - The SItuation's dance was so painful to watch, I was embarrassed for him... and then the producers go and make us watch it AGAIN on the results show?!?!?

    Have a great rest of the week!

  3. I really like twitter too! It's fun! Those baking mixes look delish!

  4. cong on your wins. i don't watchdancing with the stars so no idea. take care. rose


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