Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's my favorite day of the week, Post It Note Tuesday.  Click the yellow Post It note on the side for all the fun!


  1. I was a huge DWTS fan until they got less then stars then I lost interst. How or when did Bristol Palin become a star? Now if they had gotten her mother maybe.

    I have to tell you I miss being so excited for it on Monday nights. Last night I read a book. Not that it's bad for me or anything. :)

  2. Brandy annoys me, maybe it is the crying... Jennifer's dance got out of control. I felt bad for their scores! Oy and Carrie Ann was harsh! Kyle dancing with his brother was hilarious imo but if it works, don't knock it! Bristol did much much better! At the end... when they did the group dance, I wasn't impressed with Brandy & Maks's dance... they shouldn't have won the dance off! They didn't do much!

  3. Audrina and Tony's dance was not my fav but I did love seeing the top 10 of the past seasons!

  4. Isn't Brandy one of the most annoying contestants EVER?? She reminds me of Aaron Carter!! I still luv Kurt too!


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