Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Update - Homecoming Weekend

Well, we made it through and the kids had a wonderful time.  I am going to say everything in pictures and captions today.  The pictures say it all.
It all started with the game and the Monroe Alumni Band.

Pictures with the Grandparents

Pictures with the BFF and

and beautiful neighbors (boyfriend on the end in gray).

The boys.

The corsage and boutonierre.

Another pretty picture.

And ends with the shoes.


  1. Everyone looked so terrific and the shoes were the best! How fun!

  2. HA I love it! Such great pictures, and the shoes are a classic! Her feet were thanking her at the end of the night I am sure.

  3. Yay I got to see the dress finally! She looks so gorgeous!! PS I so love the added touch of sneakers!


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