Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update...

What a weekend!  I am still tired.

Friday, we had a good time at the game, even though they lost.  The band did great!  We went out to Waffle House after the game.  This is becoming a habit.

Saturday, Foxy and I got up early and went and got the log splitter.  We spent all morning splitting.  The back of my legs are sore from the work, but we got the majority of it split.  It was such a great day to split.  Too bad the pictures haven't come through yet.  We will be very warm using our potbellied stove this winter.

Son went to Kings Island's Fearfest.  He said it was better last year.

Daughter and her boyfriend went to her BFF's birthday party.  She was running barefoot to the bathroom and her boyfriend was running behind her.  She stopped, he didn't and stepped on her big toe.  The nail bled and is lifted up some.  The toe is bruised on top, on the outside and some underneath.  It is very painful to walk on.  We have it wrapped up, but it still bleeds from the nail.  She is using a crutch.

Foxy took me out for dessert for Sweetest Day.  Nothing fancy.  It was the thought that counts.  We were both very tired from splitting wood and being out late the night before.  I had cheese cake and he had apple pie.  Yummy.  It was very sweet of him.

Sunday, Foxy worked, Son was with his friend, and Daughter and I went to church.  We had lunch there and then we went to Walmart, got  shirts and came home.  Daughter and one of her friends, Miss Dancer, decorated their shirts for the So You Think You Can Dance tour we are going to next Sunday.  We've been counting down to each other for weeks now.  We are very excited to see Kent Boyd and Billy Bell and even Lauren Froderman.  But really can't wait to see Dominic, Twitch and the others.  It will be awesome!

Well, another busy week is ahead of me.  Hope to see you all around.

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  1. i think i wouldn't be good at log splitting. i could understand why you were tired and sore. nice of hubby sugg something seeet to eat. looks good take care rose


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