Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I am just getting to this post.  We have had medical issues around here.

Son had his septoplasty yesterday (his nose).   He is such a good kid.  He sees Gdad and says "Hi, Kid."  Like he is older than my dad.  He had the nurses in stitches last night.  He would talk to anyone and loved to make us all laugh.  He had a huge breakfast which almost made him not have the surgery.  They told him to eat whatever he wanted before 7:15 am.  So he makes Foxy get up and cook him a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, ham and cheese.  They had to wait the eight hours or more to take him to surgery.  But, some other person having surgery did almost they same thing, so we had to wait on them first.  But everything went well, until the ride home.  That's when his nose started bleeding.  It's just the drainage, but Ewww!  That is gross. So he will get tomorrow off school and then go back on Friday.

Daughter may have a broken toe.  Had to take her for an x-ray yesterday morning.  Just found out her toe is okay!  Whew!  Dodged that bullet.

I had a root canal today.  The numbness has worn off, so the aching has started.  My dentist is a nice guy.  I've known him most of my life.  He and my mom graduated high school together.  His daughter and I were in school together.  I've let him do more to my mouth than any other person.  That sounds wrong, doesn't it?

When I was in third grade, I had a bike accident and my front tooth, root and all came out.  I did a wheelie for my Grandpa and wrecked.  All we can figure is that when I came down, I hit so hard that I flipped the bike head over and the handle bar hit my lip and knocked the tooth out.  It was the day before the Beverly Hills Country Club tragedy in northern Kentucky.  I remember that because my dentist was there that night.  My dad had to call him and tell him about me.  Dad put the tooth in salt water and we brought it to him the next morning.  He said it slid right into the open whole.  He put this cement across the tooth and the two on either side of it.  I kept it for eight years.   Then I let him take out my wisdom teeth.  I trust him more than anyone.  Dr. Bob even gave me money for ice cream that day.  Gotta love that!

So I went to see him because my molar was hurting, especially when I had anything cold in my mouth.  He looked and xrayed and found a fracture just above the root base.  O goody.  The tooth was dying.  So today he drilled, pricked, tugged, kept saying "open wider" , and filed.  Then the assistant decided that maybe one of the files may have broke off in my mouth.  So they stopped and took an x-ray.  Thank goodness they were wrong!  But now, seven hours layer, my mouth hurts.  I've taken some Ibuprofen, but it is just barely taking the edge off.  I want to just put my head back and go to sleep.  But I can't.  I am at work and have to go to choir practice tonight.  But I think Daughter will drive me.  Should be fun...

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