Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday, Son went to the Orthopedic Doctor.  It's been a month since he had seen him.  The doctor didn't remember him.  Now, I understand that the doctor sees a lot of patients.  But there is a folder with (I hope) lots of information on Son.

The doctor asked where Son's brace was.  (Last time, the doctor told him not to wear it everyday.)
He told Son that he can try out for basketball, and he can wear the brace for just practice and games.
The doctor stated that he just needed physical therapy because he has chicken legs.  Not quite sure what that means, but, okay.

In other news, Daughter has one more day of driver's ed.  That is tomorrow night.  She takes a written test and is trying really hard not to be nervous about taking it.  Then she waits until after Thanksgiving to drive with an instructor.  She needs eight hours of driving time.  So we have about another month to practice and then she can try for her license in December.  How exciting!

Sad news:  A newborn Rhino (born yesterday), passed away last night.  It had trouble breathing and the zoo keepers couldn't keep him breathing. 

A co-worker just told me that the storms that hit here yesterday literally split her street sign and stop sign in two.  WOW.

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