Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you Enjoying yourself?

What is to be enjoyed this week? That sounds like I am not in a good mood, doesn't it? Well, I am. It's been a crazy week, with the boy having his headaches, my friend's dad on the verge of passing, and all the craziness that just normally goes on in my life. But here is what I have enjoyed this week.

1. I have enjoyed starting a new book that one of you suggested. It is called "When We Were Romans." It is told from a young boy's perspective. Not sure where it is going yet, but I do like it.

2. I am enjoying my job today. There are lots of packages being delivered (which mean some very nice delivery men), lots of phone calls, and my attitude is just in the right place today.

3. We have had a plethora of weather this week. It was very warm early in the week and rainy, now it is cold and sunny, with a dusting of snow last night. Ah, El Nino!

I can also tell you what I am not enjoying this week.

1. My cold sores on my bottom lip. They are a nuisance and now they are drying up and bleeding. Gross!

2. I am not enjoying the fact that at 10 AM every day this week, I am getting hungry or my blood sugar level is going so low that I feel I need to eat something. Thank goodness for peanut butter/cheese crackers.

3. I am not enjoying the worry my son is causing us because of his headaches. Yesterday he told us he experienced blurred vision. Yes, we are currently seeing a Doctor for this and trying to figure out what is causing all of this. Thanks for asking.

What are you enjoying or not enjoying this week. I wanna know!

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