Monday, January 11, 2010

Kid-less Weekend January 8 - 10

What a weekend I had. Let me start off by saying that it was fun to be kid-less, but strange. I think that hadn't happened in almost 16 years. Foxy and I tried to reconnect on some level. I think we did.

Friday night, we decided to spend it in. We had the boy's bed to put together. So we started that. We got everything out of his room and brought in the two big boxes. We opened them and unloaded them. Then true to European form, I had to put these two pieces together (there were 21 sets). Foxy and I got them all together, except for one. OF.COURSE. This one would not screw into the other. So Foxy got the idea to go over to my Dad's and see if he could do something different. So I took my Ipod and we went.

While Foxy and my Dad tried to figure out the screwy thing, I jumped on their computer, because we can't get our home computer to download Itunes. So I spent something like three hours trying to download TWILIGHT onto my Ipod. It downloaded, but not to the Ipod. So I had to text the boy to see if he could help. Of course, him being seven hours and two states away, he wasn't checking his phone. When he finally did, it was late, I had given up and went home. Last night, he promised me we could do it tomorrow night. My question is, why should it take a 12-year-old to help me with this? I am going to pay close attention, so I can download all the episodes of 24 too. That is my obsession.

While at my parents, my dad gave me and the kids each a bracelet and a lapel pin (see the picture). It is light tan with a maroon strip in the middle and the letters SPOHNC embossed on it. These letters stand for Support for People with Oral, Head and Neck Cancer. The nurse gave them to him at his appointment Friday. It's pretty neat to have something like this. For those of you who didn't know, my dad was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer last February. He is doing great and is cancer free now!

Saturday, it was cold and bright. Foxy and I took down the Christmas tree and a lot of the decorations, and put them up in the attic. Then he went to LOWE's to get the pieces he really needed for the bed. Then my parents showed up and and Fox and Dad put the boy's bed together. He was thrilled with the results. It is a metal bunk bed with a twin top and a full bottom bed. He slept "upstairs" last night. LOL. After Dad and Mom left, Mike and I talked about what movie we wanted to see. It was fun deciding on a grown-up movie and going to a restaurant that we wanted to go to. We saw the movie "It's Complicated." So very funny. Apparently, I have a strange sense of humor. Because of the 20 people that were in the movie theater (and a side note is that Foxy and I were the youngest people there), I would bust out laughing and no one else was laughing with me. Not even Foxy. Hmmm. I am still thinking about that.

I am not really an Alec Baldwin fan, but he totally rules in this movie. Him and Meryl Streep were hysterical together. I was kinda surprised it is rated R. There are several strange situations that I don't think my 12-year-old should see, but all in all, I recommend this movie to adults.

Sunday, we went to church, then out to lunch with my parents and a couple (who are friends of all of us). It was good. I felt a little strange not having the kids around. I think I was starting to miss them. Though, Al had been texting me during the whole weekend about how great a time she was having. After lunch, my parents and Foxy and I went to a nursing home and help our church put on a service for them. We do this once a year for this place. The sad thing is there was the preacher, his wife, a lady who played piano, my parents, Foxy and me. No one else from the church even bothered to show up. It's kinda sad. I led singing, my mom and I sang a special song, and my dad and Foxy served the people. I had a good time and the people who were there for the service was very appreciative of us. After the service, I took Foxy home for his nap and I went to the grocery store. Then we waited for the kids to get home.

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