Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wacky Wednesday - She's Bigger than her Mom!

Okay, last night my 15 year old daughter and I went "unmentionables" shopping. We have this dog who will pull out our undies from the hamper and chew them up. Seriously. She loves our underwear. So we both decided that we don't have enough pairs to finish out a week and Fashion Bug was having a "buy-3-get-3-free" sale. So off we went.

Now as we are driving in my Ford Edge to FB, her bff, who is from the male species, calls her. She tells him what we are doing and that she will call him later. He continues to talk to her and tells her he wants to be on the line and "help". As a backstory...he has been teasing her for a year that she should get measured for a "real" bra. She only has been wearing sports bras. He thinks wearing a "real" bra will help her in the boy department too. Anyhoo, they proceed to talk about this and she finally gives in to get measured. He gives his opinion on what size he thinks she is. (D cup). She disagrees with him. I am giggling the whole way.

We get there, and she is still on the cell. They talk and she has me take a picture of these cute little, frilly panties and sends it to him. LOL. We gather up all the undies we are going to purchase and then ask one of the very helpful saleswomen if she would be so kind as to measure her. Well what do you know? BFF is correct, she is a D. Okay the Wacky part? I am only a C. My mother and sister are both HUGE, but apparently that gene was not passed on to me.

Well we did purchase her two new brassieres and I also got two (another buy-2-get-2-free deal) and I found two nice shirts for work. But that is my wacky daughter story.

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