Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

My Dad is a hoot! He loves to make people laugh and he did just that last night. We (my dad, mom, Foxy, kids and me) were at a high school basketball game. Now our poor team has yet to win a game this season. They do not seem to know anything about ball handling, team work, or defending. Bless their hearts! So my dad and I try and make the game more fun for ourselves by seeing what we can do to cheer on the team and the pep band.

Last night, there were a lot of kids in the pep band. They were rocking the gym! My kids both play percussion (which may I say is the best part of our band. No, I am not prejudice at all!). Dad went up by them and started dancing. Just below the percussionist were the clarinets and the big bass something (not sure if if was a bassoon or a bass sax). Then the alto and tenor saxophones were next. Well they all started watching and cracking up! When it was done, AJ and TA (my girl and boy, respectively) were hanging their heads down in shame and trying not to looked amused. The rest of the kids were laughing and having a good time.

My dad is known as the "Candy Man". He passes out thousands of Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers to anyone who will take them. It's his way of meeting new people. It breaks the ice. So he started passing out candy to the clarinet row. I told him he better buy a bag just for the band, at this rate. Ha, ha! So just imagine, a 60+ year old man, who is 5' 7" and standing next to the pep band on the gym bleachers wiggling his hips and acting goofy. It was a Wacky sight for sure!

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