Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wacky Wednesday - We went to see a tree and all we saw was this sign

Yesterday I was telling someone about how my daughter failed her history exam, but still passed the course. This led to us talking about how when I was young, some of our family outings (okay, most of our family outings) centered around history. Here in SW Ohio, a lot of Native American history lies. So we had a lot of trips like that.

One in particular my father will never live down. He read about Chief Logan who made speech about Indian-White relations underneath this huge elm tree. So off we went to see where this tree, "Logan's Elm", was. We drove and drove and drove until we were in the middle of no where. We walked out into this field and there it was, a memorial sign. This is a picture of it.

Apparently the tree died years before and this memorial was put in that place. We went to see a tree and this is all we got. Though, I am not sure a tree would be any more dramatic for teenagers to want to see. This was one of our wacky trips.

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