Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Five and It's Still the Same

This week, our family have had a few firsts. Especially with Allie. Nothing dramatic, nothing major, well, yeah I guess the first one is major in all our lives. Tomorrow, I am going to take Allie to get her temporary license to drive! Uh, maybe it will snow and I can postpone this? No? Well this is a right of passage, isn't it? The other first is one that both Allie and Timm are interested and dreaming of. Allie brought home from school a packet for a class ring. Did you get a class ring? I did. It cost me $186. I remember that because I wanted a gold one and my parents would only pay half of it. I had to come up with the other half. Which brings me to my next question. Doesn't that mean i was older and had a job? I still have that beautiful ring. I can even still wear it. The prices are ridiculous for rings now days, but the settings, engravings and effects are pretty awesome!

The kids were dreaming, I mean, looking at the packet this morning, saying, "I am going to get this stone, and my friend and I want to have our nicknames engraved on the inside." Okay, but who really wants the nickname Stinky forever engraved on something? For clarification, that is Allie's friend's nickname, not Allie's. Her nickname is Dingy, if you didn't know. That's for another time.

It is Friday and that means Friday Five. This week, let's see what your five favorite memories surrounding learning to drive was... Here are mine.

1. I got to drive with Mr. Van de Grift. He was and still is cool! If you made a mistake he would hit you with his pencil. Luckily, I don't remember getting hit with one.

2. My dad would not help teach me to drive. It made him really, really nervous. I always thought that was funny.

3. I learned to drive in a Jeep Wagoneer. I am a small person (5' 2"), so that vehicle made me feel really tall.

4. The school taught the drivers ed class. I went every Saturday AM for like 6 or 8 weeks. What an eclectic group we were!

5. When I took my driver's test, I wasn't sure I passed. The instructor told me he would like me to have more time behind the wheel, but passed! I would have never lived it down if I had not passed.

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  1. Oh, well I got in the lucky car with the kid that was trying to pass driver's training for the fifth year in a row (actually, I think he was probably 21 by then). Anyway, he drove ONTO the soccer field during practice. The people parted like the Red was awful. My friend Steve (also in the car) jumped out the window.


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