Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is it Wednesday?

This week is all about exams for the highschoolers.
My daughter has two exams today, tomorrow, and maybe
three on Thursday. Then the school system has Friday and Monday off.

The picture is of most of the percussionist in the pep band.
My kids are 3rd and 4th from the left. The boy is almost as tall as the girl! He is taking pride in being taller than her. He loves that he is already taller than me. Ha, ha.
Well the kids ended up not having a pep band game last night (that is what I call a basketball game with the pep band's participation). Something about the other team did not realize there was a game. We ended up having a free night. So I made the kids go over and help me with my Ipod and update theirs.

I came into work this AM and our Executive Assistant had been off because her daughter got married over the weekend. So I asked her about it and she told me it was wonderful and so was hers. WHAT? Apparently she was getting married last September and her daughter asked her not to until after her wedding. So the mom said, "Okay, we will get married the day after yours." Is the too funny? She didn't publicize it or anything, but that is funny-strange to me. LOL. So I have to now remember her new last name. Good grief! You would think it is Wacky Wednesday.

Have a great day!

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