Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Update January 29 - 31

We are in February, already! January sped by before I could catch it. Now into the month of love! Are you planning anything special for your lover? Mine has to work that weekend, so I may have to be creative.

This past weekend was not anything like I thought it would be. Friday night we (the kids and I) rented some movies, did some errands and grocery shopped. We rented four movies...I Love You Beth Cooper, Fame, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and Dance Flick. Of the four, I really liked I Love You Beth Cooper and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Dance Flick was the one my son picked out. Stupid, stupid, STUPID! The last time we let him pick a movie, we went and saw Super Hero Movie or as my daughter and I call it, Stupid Hero Movie. So, yeah, we vowed then never to let him pick out another movie, but what did we do? Apparently had memory disfunction. That movie was as stupid as they get. I shoulda known. But we survived.

Saturday we were going to go let my daughter take her temps tests. But as we were getting ready, we found out that we couldn't because I can't find her SS card. I have the boy's and both of their birth certificates, but not her SS card. I actually cleaned my bedroom and still didn't find it. So tomorrow, Foxy has to taker her down to the SS Office and apply for a replacement. So there were lots of tears and yelling and sadness.

Yesterday, son got up with another headache, the rest of us went to church and work and then I went with my dad to see my friend's father who is in the hospital. Then I came home, did dishes and started laundry. Kinda of boring. Though I did find out that the boy had made a Facebook page behind our backs. So there was some talking and punishments handed out.

What a boring weekend I had!

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  1. Doesn't sound boring to me!! I want to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past but I dunno about I love you Beth Cooper. LOL Dance Flick just looks ridiculous, for sure!

    Hope you find the SS Card soon!


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