Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Broken Records, Helping Hands and A New Reign

Happy Winter! The latest storm dumped 9 or more inches on the Ohio Valley. The kids get another day off from school.

ALERT: This photo is actually of the storm last week. We have WAY more snow out there now.

The latest storm put the Cincinnati area for 2010 as the most snow in February since they started keeping official records. Furthermore, yesterday the 8.3" that the weathermen recorded was a record for yesterday too.

The storm was so bad that my company actually let us go home an hour and a half early. I actually left about 50 minutes early. I helped out a person in need and waited until a ride was found for her to get home. A friend of mine stayed with us until then also.

Sometimes you just find yourself in weird situations where you want to help, but you don't want to be involved. It is a fine line to helping. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know is that you are forking over money to help their "friends". Luckily this didn't get that far, but I did what I could to help this person out. I know that she got to where she needed to be and that is all that matters.

We are still getting residual effects from the storm and so we are under a Winter Weather Advisory. Most people at this point are so ready for Spring. I, on the other hand, and looking forward to the next storm.

Did you see the the reign of the Russians is over? Well, at least for pairs figure skating in the Olympics it is. Gold and Silver medals went to two Chinese couples. I honestly thought the pair that was awarded the silver medal should have won. Tonight, the Men's figure skating starts. Johnny Weir should cause a major clamor for us. Let's hope nerves don't get in the way like they did last night. I have never seen so many skaters (men and women) on the ice and not in a good way.

I will see what is what tonight.

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