Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Last night, I helped Daughter order her class ring. It will be so pretty! Her ring will be silver with her birthstone, Ruby, her nickname inscribed on the inside DINGY. On one side will be the school mascot with her Name, and on the other side will be a drill team design. The stone will be diamond cut, of course. My girl has taste! But she is practical and has kept the ring under a big price.

Yesterday, Foxy took Daughter to get her SS card, because I can not find the original. So it was relatively painless and they gave her a paper that she can show to get her temps. The problem is that there may be a winter storm coming, so she wants to go like tomorrow and try and get them. Well we will see if that will be possible.

Daughter was talking to the Best Friend about getting her license. Best Friend asked me if she did pass her test, would I let her drive home? Uh, yeah I guess I would. Daughter looked at me and said, "What? I would get to drive? Uh, that is a lot of pressure now!" Is that funny or what? I guess that is what the wackiness is. If the state of Ohio will give her her temps, I guess I can go along with it and let her chauffeur me around for a few hundred hours. As soon as every one's nerves calm down, then it will all be good. I hope. Pray for me!

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  1. At least you'll let her drive! When I got my first car -- not long after my driver's license - my Dad gave it to my boyfriend to drive home!!



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