Thursday, February 18, 2010

Let 'Er Rip!

Here is a TMI for ya all.

Son: I got sent to the Principal's office today.

Me: What did you do this time?

Son: Uh, I let one rip.

Me: What?

Son: I was sitting in Mr. History's class and had to let it loose.

Me (giggling): What made that make you go to the Principal?

Son: Well, Mr. History took a whiff and started choking. Everyone in the class had to evacuate the room.

Mr. History said, "Son."

Son said, "Yes, Mr. History?"

Mr. History said, "Go the Ms. Principal's office."

Son said, "Why, Mr. History?"

Mr. History said, "You know why."

Son said, "Yes, Mr. History."

Son: So I went down to the office.

Me (laughing hard): And what did Ms. Principal say to you?

Son: This is the stupidest reason I have ever heard for sending someone to the office.

Me (tears running down my face): Ha, ha, ha, ha. What did she say?

Son: Next time just hold it in. I told Ms. Principal that I would try, but if my belly started rumbling, it will be coming out!

Me, shaking my head: Go wash up for dinner.

I can never show my face to that teacher. EVER.

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