Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five - Olympics

This week's Friday 5 is brought to you for the last time this year courtesy of the Olympics.  What were your favorite or most memorable moments.

Here are mine:

1.  The gold medal performances by Evan Lysacek, Simon Amman, Shawn White, and Bill DeMong.  If you don't know these gentlemen, look them up.

2.  I have enjoyed that fact that Evgeni Plushenko is so personable and so deeply loved that the makers of his website gave him a Platinum medal over the Gold medal, even though Evan did beat him on content.

3.  The most memorable story to me was the courage that Joannie Rochette had to keep competing even though her mom passed away two days before she performed.  How can one do that?  I would not be strong enough, I think.  And to win the Bronze medal on top of that?  Totally my heroine.

4.  I love that Shaun White and Jeret Peterson are so innovative in their respective sports to keep trying new ideas and bring new stunts to the forefront.  It is so amazing.

5.  I love the hype the tv brings us for each sport.  Especially Apolo Ohno (of course I had to mention him), and the Lindsey Vonn/Julie Mancuso drama.  Sport is sport.  Apolo has done so much already that he will be in this generation's heart as beloved for a long time.  Just like Dan Jansen.  The media has blown the Vonn/Mancuso thing way out there.  But it is entertainment for crying out loud!

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