Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Update February 19 - 21, 2010

How was your weekend?  Mine was okay.  Nothing too spectacular.  I seemed busy and didn't get the house clean, but that is nothing new.  And this week will be extra busy.

Friday evening, Foxy, Daughter, Son, Daughter's BFF, and I went to eat.  The place we went was celebrating Mardi Gras because last weekend when they wanted to celebrate it, it was snowy and yucky.  So we sat there listening to the crowd, watching the people and admiring the way the waitresses were costumed out.  One had peacock feathers glued to above her eyebrows.  One had feathers glued off her eyelashes - they were much longer and would have driven me nuts, but not her.  Others wore fishnets, mini-skirts, beads, glittery hats and lots of makeup.  Daughter and Daughter's BFF each asked for a glittery hat.  We then came home and I watched the Olympics the rest of the night.  I also found out my mom has pnuemonia.  She is home resting, but in a lot of pain.

Saturday dawned and I had lots of errands to run.  My Edge got it's oil changed, we went to the dry cleaners, the library, and the grocery store.  Then Daughter's BFF came over again, and since it was going to be for a little while, we didn't do anything.  But after it was too late to do anything, found out we could have seen a movie or something.  SIGH.  No fair, but whatever.  So I watched more Olympics!  A lot more!

Sunday came and we went to church.  We heard a great sermon, listened to a wonderful lady sing, and then went and ate a yummy meal for my bday (which is coming up this week).  Then I took Daughter and BFF shopping for shoes and jeans.  We all bought clogs (not Birkenstock, but like the picture only knock-offs), and she bought "skinny jeans".    I have one pair of the shoes, but the threading is coming out and the bottoms are wearing thin in places.  We got a good deal on them, so we were all happy.  Then I went back to church and led singing for the evening service.  The kids wanted BK, so we stopped and got everyone BK for supper, except me (I despise it) and I realized I left my wallet at church.  So I dropped off Foxy and Son and home and Daughter and Daughter's BFF went with me back to the church to retrieve my wallet.  By the time I got home, the men had taken over the tv.  Wouldn't let me watch the Olympics, so I did dishes and got laundry going again.  Then I sat down, started reading and finally they went to bed and gave me the remote.  And surprisingly enough, they ended at a decent hour last night.  So I got to bed before midnight. 

As I said, this week is full of lots of busyness.  Tonight we have a make-up basketball game with pep band.  It is senior night too.  That is always nice.

Tuesday evening, I do get to stay home, but I have to make at least two bundt cakes.  See, when it is your birthday at work, you get to bring in the treats.  Well, instead of going and getting donuts for everyone, I like to take that extra step and make it with love for everyone.  I did that last week for Valentine's for my family.  Son and I made a Raspberry Cheesecake.  I got rave reviews from all who ate some.  That always makes me happy.

Wednesday, we have Praise Team practice and choir.  That makes for a long day 'cuz I don't get home until after 9, and I leave at 7 AM.

Thursday, the Band has a concert and are putting on a Spaghetti dinner.  I don't know if I will be able to help with clean up afterward, but I will try.  I think I will be tired by then.   

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