Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Actually today, in itself has been wacky. First, the kids were on a 1-hour delay.

I had to leave before the kids to go to a dentist appointment. Not smart. I should have taken the day off. Dr. Bob had to fill my mouth full of novacaine, and then full of filling metal. My mouth is now very sore on one side. It was at the top, so I think he stuck my cheekbone.

I got to work an hour late (which was planned) and then we had an off-site company meeting. We went to a Dave and Busters and had a LLLONNNGGG meeting and a quick lunch (which there wasn't enough of). Now back at work to finish the day. The good news is that they did some team building stuff. Each team had to come up with a name and a slogan and cheer. Then we did a trivia of the company. I was lucky enough to be on the winning team, Team Green! We won prizes (each team member) and each prize represented part of our customers. I have Puffs Kleenex, GE Light Bulbs and Charmin toilet paper! LOL Can you guess our company's customers?

Tonight at choir we are going to practice to sing backup for a soloist that will be coming through the area on February 28th. That is different and Wacky because I just found out what songs she wants us to sing with her.

Then lots of Olympics when I get home. I want to thank the TV gods that have the presence of mind to put all other shows on reruns until the Olympics are over. This way no one gets hurts when I start watching them and no one can complain their show is not being watched.

Wacky or not, that is my Wednesday. Hopefully the pain and goofy feeling in my cheek will go away soon. I still taste the novacaine and metal in my mouth. Gross!

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