Thursday, February 25, 2010

Enjoying Thursday

Today is the day of Charity.  I have several things going on.

Today at work we are having our Cheese Coney in Paradise fund-raiser.  So we pay a set amount, and we get all the cheese coneys we want.  I think I can eat two.  It is for a good cause.  Our company participates in a fund-raising event called Canstruction.  The idea of this is to pick from a theme and build from cans of food.  Ours is "top secret", but we are using Kroger tuna cans, green beans and red tomatos.  It will be big too.  8'X8'X8'.  I have seen sections of it, but not the whole thing together.  When all this is done, all the companies involved will donate all the cans to the Food Bank of Cincinnati.  So it is really a "fight hunger" deal.  I think it is so cool.  Last year our company made big color pencils and a pink eraser with the word Erase on it.  Our title was "Erase Hunger".  It was pretty nifty.

Tonight, the band is putting on a spaghetti dinner to raise money for the band.  It is spaghetti, sauce, bread stick, salad and dessert and a concert from all the school bands (5th grade through high school concert band).  It is nice, cause it is another day I don't have to cook.  That is three days this week. 

Also, Gold Star Chili is having $0.99 coneys today, all day.  You can also bring in cans in their NEIGHBOR-HELPING-NEIGHBOR food drive.  Lots of chili, meat and bread today.

So was different ways do you enjoy donating your time, money and efforts to?  Here are mine.

1.  Donating cans for Canstruction and helping where I can to help out.

2.  Going, listening to the kids play is always an enjoyment for me.

3.  I give clothes and other items to Vietnam Veterans or Good will.

4.  I support my church by bringing in non-perishable goods and monetary gifts.

5.  My favorite enjoyment, this time of buying Girl Scout Cookies!  Yummy.

Have a great Thursday!

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