Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Five

Here is SW Ohio, we are under a Winter Weather Warning. My county may get 6 to 8" of white death this evening and beyond. Now for a lot of you this is no big deal. For us, it is a bit more than we are use to, but as long as I get home before the majority of it starts to build up, then I am okay with. In honor of the storm, today's Friday 5 is about Preparing for a Storm. What do you do to get ready for a major weather event? Here is what I do...

1. I talk to everyone I know about the weather. Do you believe the weather people? I get lots of opinions and make sure everyone knows the latest and greatest on the subject at hand.

2. I start preparing a menu. I love to make lists.

3. I go to the store and stock up. Last night I got enough food for a week and a half. Now if it will just last that long.

4. I make sure that there is a lot of books and the electric company is paid for.

5. I usually make sure I have gas in the car. I do have enough for now.

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