Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take out a loan for this one!

It's Tuesday! Tonight we are going to order my daughter's class ring. The picture you see is my class ring. Isn't it awesome that I can still wear it? I think so. Daughter sat down with us and showed us the catalog and let us help her decide what to get. She is not much into jewelry, but both Foxy and I had our rings and showed them off to her and The Boy. Ha, ha! (I am laughing because Foxy can't get his on. I am hoping he is wanting to work on that soon, though.)

Anyway, mine is gold with a amethyst starburst stone, musical notes on one side, a warrior head on the other, and that's about it. Cool, huh? Yeah, I know, the picture is fuzzy. What a great shot of my skin! EWWW! So what was your class ring like. I am hearing that this is going to cost us a small fortune. Sigh. What doesn't these days?

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