Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Observations of randomness

On a snowy day in SW OHIO, here are some observations.

*My children are both home because school was cancelled. Apparently, they are getting on each other's nerves. Daughter just txt me and said "Your son is outside in the snow in shorts." When I questioned her further, it was apparently for about 2 minutes because he was salting the driveway. Okay, duh. I think she is tired of him and trying to get him in trouble. He is 12 years old and knows (mostly) right from wrong. I have bigger things to worry about than his attire in this weather. If he wants to freeze his behind off, okay with me.

*My son has also decided that it is time for him to learn to cook. He helped me make the Ham and Cheese Calzones last night, and he is going to make Snickerdoodles today. He also helped with the Superbowl food. I am please to see him taking an interest in cooking. He has always been interested, but just in little parts of the process. Last night, I made him read all the directions, get things out, chop food up and see it through.

*Did you know that the Chinese New Year is Sunday, February 14? Hmm. My husband has to work, so I will have to see about making him a nice Chinese style meal, or just get take out. That would be nice for him.

*Sad news for our family. A long time friend passed away yesterday. She and her family were long-time neighbor's of my husband's family and the kids all still are close. We are sad that she is gone, but it was her time after a lengthy illness. I am expecting Foxy to be a pall bearer for the family.

*Why does the highway crews stop at the county line on the highway and not scrape the whole highway? My county does great with the care of getting the snow off the highway. The next county down, does nothing! Of course, I work in that county. So we went from 45 mpg to 20 mpg and creeped into work five minutes late. Luckily, my company doesn't get to upset at that.

*I have not observed one snowperson built. I am sure they are out there, but I have not seen any. I have seen a lot of vehicles in ditches, though.

*I have observed that more people came to work today than yesterday. I think the weather was worse yesterday, but the roads were better. I am not sure why though. If more people drive on the snow and it gets pressed down or cleared out, it should be better with more people, right? Not in Cincinnati, it seems.

*I also observed that Puxatawney Phil got.it.right!

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  1. Your Super Bowl sandwhich ring looked yummy! Sorry to hear about your friend. I will say a prayer for them and for your family. And while I was cheering for the Colts, I was glad the Saints won. Brees deserved it, he was awesome. Enjoy the snow and I hope the kids start getting along!!


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