Friday, July 30, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be...

Last night, we saw Hamlet.  It was a the Cincinnati Shakespeare Theater summer show.  The kids had a hard time following the wordiness of it.  It was a nice cool evening.  The humidity left and we had a cool breeze.   Here are some pictures of the show.

I really, really enjoyed it!

I had forgotten all that it was.  But in the end everyone in the monarchy dies!

Good stuff, William!


  1. Hi

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  2. I love Shakesphere! We have a annual festival focussing on the Bard and his great works that runs every summer :)

    Congrats on getting one of the coveted Friday Follow spots!

  3. Congrats! Not just for the Friday Follow recognition but for being able to enjoy an outdoor activity minus the typical midwest summer humidity. How amazing that can make any evening in your neck of the woods! Sounds divine!

  4. holy cow! i think i would have died with the heat and bugs. you have courage. Rose


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