Thursday, July 22, 2010

How's Your Garden Thursday?

So today is another update on my garden.  This are coming along nicely.  Especially the weeds. 

These are my watermelons.  My how they have grown.  There are also at least two more on the vine!


We have determined these are Hungarian Wax Peppers.

This is one of three plants of jalepenos.  And see?  Josie Belle is trying to get in on the act! 

Here is one of four tomato plants.  The two volunteers by the porch that I didn't get a shot of are cherry tomatoes.  Foxy and has tied them up twice now, so that means that they are loaded with tomatoes.

Looky, I have green beans!  And it's still budding!

Here's another cuke that we picked tonight.

My poor cabbage is getting eaten alive.  :(  Foxy needs to put some Sevin on it.

Here's some chili peppers.  Foxy loves that one that is a curly-Q.  LOL
And the creme' de la creme'...

We harvest the radishes.  Look at them!

So how's your garden?  If you don't have one you can live vicariously through me!


  1. Vicariously! That's what it has to be! But BOY! I sure am enjoying it! You're also allowing me to remember my sweet grandparents. Both sets had BIG gardens and we would go visit to help with the picking. Such really fond memories (insert tears)! They all reside in heaven now - so thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    Keep the updates coming! Especially when you get to eat them!!!

  2. I'm very envious of your garden!!! I can't wait till we move to a bigger home, so I can start my own garden!!!

  3. Wow, your garden is doing great! Ours is going so, so. Its been so hot down here and not much rain, plus the soil isn't so great in our new little developement where we live. But the green beans, tomatoes, herbs and jalepenos are doing great! Everthing else is surviving but not thriving and the sweet corn didn't make it. We'll try again though!

  4. Your garden is amazing...I have the Opposite of whatever a green thumb is...I can't even keep a houseplant alive! The peppers look wonderful!!!!

  5. Your garden is awesome!! We had to stop growing our garden because our lab kept eating everything!!

  6. It's a beeeeautiful garden!!!

  7. More like jealous! I wish I had a garden!! I would especially love the home grown tomatoes and watermelon!

  8. I'm so jealous. Life got away from me and I never got my garden planted this year. :(

  9. the heat has gotten to gardens including our's our radishes are the same size you have the beans look as well as the peppers. hope your crop makes it.


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