Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update, July 23 - 25

Happy Monday, well sorta.  For today, the humidity is gone and it is so beautiful out!  I walked outside to the company car this afternoon, and it is wonderful!

My weekend was actually tame.  I am thankful for that.  Here's my update.

Friday, I got off work and Foxy and I took Daughter to see an oral surgeon.  She has to have her wisdom teeth out next month.  Poor thing!  First her gall bladder and now her wisdom teeth.  She says, "I am done with surgeons!"  I don't blame her one bit.  Then we ran some errands, and got Foxy home so he and Gpa could make the trek over to camp to pick up Son and Lil' L. 

I took Daughter out to eat for her b-day and then over to a party for the drill team.  They made their tassels for their boots.  I will show pictures of their whole outfit soon.  Then I went to the grocery and spent the rest of the evening quietly watching Friday Night Lights and cleaning up a little.  Son came home (still on crutches and knee still swollen).  He had such a wonderful time at camp!

Saturday, I went and picked Daughter up and came directly home.  I started cleaning more and doing laundry.  I have decided that I will start doing laundry on Saturday afternoons.  I hung all the laundry out on the clothesline to dry.  Just taking it out there, standing there and hanging it, I had sweat pouring off me.  I use to hang everything except jeans and undies.  I don't use softener, very much and Foxy complains that hanging the clothes makes them nasty and sandpaper-like.  What would he have done 100 years ago?  LOL

Foxy smoked a porkloin for us and Son slept most of the afternoon.  Daughter and I went to the warehouse club and birthday party shopping.  At Party City we bought all this...

At the warehouse club we purchased a huge Boston Creme Pie and had my parents over to eat the smoked porkloin, potatoes, and the dessert.  Yummy!  It was a nice ending to a hot day.

Yesterday, we went to church, then Daughter had BFF and a new friend, Red K over.  They were having a great time and did this to Son's bed.

They thought it would be funny to TP his bed!  LOL.  Kind of a welcome home, thing!

 The last Sunday in July, we have an annual event.  It's called Christmas in July.  We have a Christmas concert.  We sing carols, the Christmas story is read, as well as a story called "The White Envelope."  We have a great time.  It didn't make it any cooler outside, but it makes me think about getting started on my Christmas shopping and as choir director, I have already picked out a cantata for our church choir.   So we were treated to Christmas music.  So that means only 151 days until Christmas!


  1. I Love the white envelope story! We read it one year and ever after my husband and I do that for each other at Christmas. It is the last thing we open, and we love the tradition!

  2. I'll have to look up the White Envelope story. Don't think I've heard that one. Sounds like you had a LOVELY weekend! :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of line dried clothes. My fiance let's me do laundry as I please. I do use fabric softener but still I love them!

  4. busy time. it's good to spend quality time with our chidren. sounds like the time spent with your daughter was good. As the moves on the household stuff, calls and laundry begins.

    sitting and good., but household work calls.


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