Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Update Movie Reviews, Dog doings

Happy, happy Monday.  I had a pretty boring weekend, which hardly every happens in the cfoxes haushold.  So I had the really fun blog about Son being in jail and all, but I can't find the pictures.  So that will have to wait a day or two.  This week is going to be pretty busy too! 

Friday I went home, we decided to take the kids out to eat before they left for Minnesota, and before the movie.  So we went to a chinese buffet.  It was good.  Then we went, picked up a friend of Daughter and BFF so they could spend a bit of time together before the movie.  If you remember, I was finally going to see Eclipse.  Then ran to the Family Dollar to pick up cheap snacks.  I hate spending $3.50 for a box of M&Ms when I can get them for $1.00 somewheres else.  That's what big purses are for!

We went to a 9:45 pm showing of the movie.  We got there, spent our money, went directly to the theater and climbed up stairs to the tippey-top.  The teenagers sat in a corner and Foxy, Son and I  sat a few seats over from them.  Son and Friend kept shushing each other all night. 

Surprisingly, the theater was still pretty packed.  We waited and waited for the lights to go out.  When the previews started, I was enthralled.  Harry Potter!  Charlie St. Cloud!  Chronicles of Narnia!  I love previews.  I love dreaming of what is to come.

Eclipse was amazing, as most of you know.  I have a read a lot of your reviews for the movie and know that some of you loved it, some of you hated it and some of you were somewhere in the middle.  As for me and my house, three out of four cfoxes would recommend it to a friend.  Son was the one who didn't care for it.  Probably because the rest of us liked it so much.  I think it was a little too mushy for him.

Anyway, I loved it!  The drama, the action, the fighting, the racing hearts and my favorite scene...Charlie (Bella's dad) and Bella talking about safe sex.  I found that to be hysterical.  It would be just about like Foxy trying to talk to Daughter about it.  When she blurted out that she was still a virgin and the priceless look on Charlie's face so, so, Bahahahaha!

Saturday was spent getting the kids ready for their trip with Gpa and Gma.  We ran to the warehouse.  I bought snacks and steaks (for me and Foxy), and shears.  The shears were used in cleaning up Son's mohawk.  He is again looking like a Native American from the neck up.  Daughter and BFF babysat Bff's little sis.  So Son had Big T over and we watched a movie Foxy received for Father's Day; From ParisWith Love, or something like that. It stars John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  I love Travolta and in this movie, he did not disappoint with the one-liners or the action.  I had no knowledge of what this movie was about, just that Travolta was in it.  Aside from it being very heavy on the bad language, I thought it was a fun movie.

Sunday, we went to church.  We went to lunch, and then we sent Son and Daughter off with Gpa and Gma to the Mall of America.  So we are kidless this week, but not dog-less.  Josie Belle was barking up a storm, really bothering me last night.  Usually she doesn't bother me when she barks, but she was driving me insane.  I don't usually hear her, but maybe it was because the kids were not at home, but I ended up bringing her in.  She ran around looking for the kids, made Foxy pet her, tried to eat a mint (which would have helped her breath), and kept waiting for us to go to bed.  She is funny that way.  When she is ready for bed, she will go down the hall to the bedroom, then come back to the living room and stop.  She will look at us and turn around.  If I get up, turn off the tv and the lights, she jumps up and takes off to the bedroom.  She loves to be in bed with us.  She sleeps at my feet, usually.

When we went to bed, Foxy noticed that one of his pillows was kinda tore up.  The cover was ripped.  Josie always goes in and pushes his pillows around with her nose.  I think she likes the smell of his nasty pillows.  I told Foxy he needs new pillows, and he says he just got these broke in.  Well, he definitely needs new pillows now.  Maybe I'll run to the warehouse club and get him some.

Well that's all the weekend news I have.  Hope your weekend was fun too!


  1. I appreciate your comments! Wasn't sure when I posted it if anyone would be interested, but it had been on my mind all week, so did it thinking that at least my kids would get a kick out of it:)
    My husband's family also does the middle name thing with the first son--passing on the middle name of the Dad...Pretty nice tradition.
    Have a good week!!

  2. I still haven't seen Eclipse. I just can't seem to find the time. And I want to see Toy Story 3. Even if it does make me cry at the end, like everyone said it would. I wish the rain would have stopped and The Storm whipped up and won first place. But second isn't bad! Enjoy your time with out the kids!

  3. I love your Glee sidebars! I am a total Gleek!

  4. Haven't seen Eclipse yet, but would like to. The last movie we saw was Knight & Day with Cruise/Diaz. It was fun. We rented From Paris With Love recently and liked it, too. Lots of action! Our dogs like to lick our pillows ... yikes ... nasty!

  5. i am glad you liked eclipse. on my blog several days ago i did a post re this mavie as a love story. check it out. looks like you had some funtime miments. if you haven't seen knight and day it's worth to go and see it. have a good day.


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