Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday is Garden Day at See Foxes

The garden is slowly, but surely coming in.  I have pink tomatoes, another zucchini, and green beans that need checked.  The watermelon is almost ready too!  Here are some pictures of our messy, weedy garden!

I think my watermelon is just about ready.  They don't get big and oblong, but it is pretty and so sweet!

These are my volunteer cherry tomatoes over on the lower right side, you might be able to make out some tiny tomatoes starting. 

This is one of the four plants drooping with tomatoes!

Look at those!  This one in the middle looks ready to pick, but the other one is still showing some white spots.  But, I'll be canning before you know it!

It's fuzzy, but those are some nice green beans!  Hopefully they can wait until next week for me to snap and dry/can.  We save a bunch for the next year.  
Foxy is drying a bunch of peppers.  I forgot to take a picture of that.  

So, how's your garden doing?


  1. All of your veggies (and melon) look SOOOO good. Great garden! I'm jealous - I would love a garden! Can't wait to be done with apartment living (if that ever comes to an end! ha ha)

  2. We are LOVING our garden..We have picked tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers. Nothing better than fresh veggies and fruits. I even ate a whole tomato for lunch! LOL

  3. We got lots of squash, okra, and tomatoes from our garden this year too. Lots of sweet corn too, but then it got too dry here so the garden is done for the year. It's really nice though - your crop looks great!

  4. Very nice garden!

    As you probably know, I don't garden thanks to my blackthumb.

  5. looks like a better garden than mine. our watermelon caved in with heat. i'll need to go buy a watermelon. have a great day


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