Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PINT is doing the laundry!

I took an extra day off, so I will update the weekend update on Wednesday!  Hope all yours was fabulous!

Now on with the show....


  1. Thank you for wishin me a great day... of course I had to swing by and wish you a great day as well. Hope it's not too hot while you're folding your clothes!
    All the best,

  2. When I find money in the laundry, I consider it a tip :)
    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Lol, ah laundry... my kids are still little so there's usually nothing in their pockets. I still have to check hubby's clothes tho'. :p Happy PINT!

  4. i'm bad about not checking pockets. thank goodness you hear this sound from the washer that speaks to you so look . have a good day

  5. My husband who is 32 STILL leaves stuff in his pockets!

  6. love your post its and your new rule. I will confess that even at my age i still suck at checking the pockets

    Love those license plates especially the lady gaga. I saw one that was Gaga4Gaga

  7. Oh, pockets, they are such a pest when doing wash, I have learned to always check because every time I don't I get burned, my husband was the culprit last time, I mean really, I would have thought he knew better, ugh!

  8. Gum and crayons have ruined many a laundry day for me. I am way to controlling to let the kids do their own laundry.

    My liscense is FN2B8.

  9. Have you really seen all those license plates?? Wow! I'll have to be on the look out now. :)

    Yeah, the rule at our house is if it's in the wash it's mine... I like that rule! :) Funny how our posts matched up this week! Thanks for passing this on. I love post it note Tuesdays (and iFellowship Wednesdays)! ♥ Michelle


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