Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hut, Two, Three, Four!

Welcome to all the new readers that have found me!  I am excited that you thought me worthy to follow.

I know a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so I am putting up several pictures of the Drum and Bugle Corp on Monday.  There were about seven bands from across the land, from California, to Michigan to Texas.  There were some amazing groups and some flubs, one band even had a five person pile-up.  Someone lost their footing and took a tumble.  Because they were marching backward, no one saw, and they all took a tumble.  From the music to the uniforms to the props, it was spectacular though!

These were all taken with my Droid because the kids have the digital.  I really enjoyed the time and can't wait to go see the show again August 2 in Centerville, OH!


  1. thats pretty neat :) I always like watching other bands play (not my school band bc it was terrible) but other schools had some great ones

  2. How cool! But, no pics of the pile up??

  3. i'm always amazed that the group stay in line to preform. good pics.

  4. I LOVE marching band field shows! Of course being a band person myself it has a soft spot in my heart but they are great!

  5. I love to watch marching bands! They are all so talented. Great pictures.


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