Monday, July 19, 2010

July 16 - 18 Weekend Update

Good Morning.  It's Monday, again.  Hope yours was good.  Mine was as usually, busy.    Friday, Son and I tried to get my oil changed, but the line was way too long.  So we cruised the Ford lot and saw this.

Ain't it purty?

Then we came home and started laundry becuz Son was leaving for church camp in 2 days.

Saturday was a mess of grocery shopping, laundry and movies.  Son and I watched Meet My Mom.  It was a Hallmark movie on the Hallmark channel not too long ago.  Believe it or not, that is time that Son and I spend together.  I love the sappy movies and he will sit and watch them with me.  Especially during Christmas, when all the cable channels have on their holiday movies.  I also watched Freshman Father, but that one didn't interest him.

Sunday, we went to church and when we were leaving, we saw that our chiropractor bought this over the past few days. 

A 2010 Camaro! 

BTW, the man in the red jacket in Gpa.  He loves his colorful jackets.  LOL.

We then came home, ate, made sure Son had everything and got on the road back to church.  We took two other girls with us to camp.  There were a total of eight kids going to camp this week from West Side.  That's awesome!  It's called 79ers week (7th through 9th graders).  They let them sleep in and keep them up really late.  We will pick them up on Friday evening.

These two pictures are our neighbor and his boa, Sunshine.  I just think it's cool, but scary at the same time!  LOL.

So, how did your weekend go?  Can't wait to hear about it.


  1. thankfully, my weekend did not consist of a boa. eeeww.
    church camp. how fun. hope your young'un has a memorable, life-changing week.

    stay cool out there!

  2. I adore Hallmark movies, the sweeter and sappier the better. Meet My Mom was a cute one. I love that your son watches movies with you. Whoa, you need to put a creepy crawlies warning on your blog posts when showing pics like the snake. I 'bout jumped out of my skin. Ewwwww, gross! =)

  3. My weekend was so great with my besties...the BEST!

  4. love Hallmark movies. sounds like it was busy. hate snacks even pets


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