Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Five - Gleeful

On Tuesday, the spring season of Glee begins.  I have always liked shows that mix song, dance and acting.  I loved the tv show, Fame.  I like variety shows, but they are not the same as shows like this.  I could go on and on about the good things of Glee.  But I will just do my Friday 5 as the top things I like about it.

1.  The songs that have been used have been great!  The harmony...the kids voices are amazing!

2.  The story lines are not cheezy.  When Quinn found out she was pregnant, she wasn't happy.  She cried her eyes out.  That is what most normal teens would do.
3.  I love that Jane Lynch (Sue, the Cheerios coach) is so spiteful and mean.  She is perfect in this roll!

4.  Mr. Schuester is adorable!
5.  I can watch this with my daughter and not cringe!

Speaking of my daughter, she had been having, uh..., female problems, so I took her to my OB-GYN yesterday.  I tried hard to really explain how things worked and what to expect.  She is not big on surprises like that.

Well everything went fine and we found out a few new things about her, but the dr. didn't do a full exam (thank the Lord).  So as she was getting dressed, I helped her snap her bra back together, and then she put her other things back on.  When she was pulling down her shirts, I looked at her weird.  She asked what?  I asked her how many shirts did she have on.  She said two.  "Are you sure?" I asked.

"Why?"  She asked.  I told her that it looked like three.  She started to laugh and told me that the undershirt is a tank top with extra support for your boobs.  So it looks like you have more on.  I am happy that she is having the more than less thing going on.   


  1. Did you see the free song on iTunes that you can download and watch from Tuesday nights episode? I'm just so giddy for "Glee" to come back on!

  2. Definitely hope she sticks with the more rather than less thing!

    I've never seen Glee but sure have heard a lot about it. Maybe one of these days I'll catch it!


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