Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post-It Tuesday.

Here are mine for the day....

The book was so awesome!

Our fridge is 25+ years old and before it goes out completely on us, we want to get a new one. 

As a storm rolled in last night, lightning flashed.  Daughter said, "Aww, I wasn't ready."  She thinks God was taking her picture. 


  1. Haha "I wasn't ready!" I can't wait to use that one! I really want to see The Last Song too! Happy Post It Note Tuesday! Stopping by from Supah's!

  2. I love our fridge. It's the French door, freezer sliding out on the bottom kind of thing. You never have to bend over and look for food.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved the book too! Let me know if you like the movie!

  4. To cute on the God taking the pictures. My mom always told me it was God bowling. The thunder was a strike and the lightning was the flash from the ball hitting the pins. Good luck searching for a fridge. We have a GE and love it!!

  5. Dang! A 25 year old fridge? I say go with whatever brand you currently have. Longevity is a good thang!

  6. I LOVE that "I wasn't ready". Now I know to always smile during a thunder storm so I'll be ready.


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