Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

What a busy, busy weekend we had!

Friday evening, we had a wonderful Good Friday Service.  The choir sang, our associate minister did a Christian rap song (but not as the rap), then we buried our burdens (which were written on stones) out in a hole in the yard.  The last four or five weeks worth of sermons were on stones, so this was a fitting end to the series.  Then we went to eat with my parents and some friends.  Then we went to the grocery.  So I did not get home until after 10:30pm.

Satruday, we were up early for choir practice, then Daughter and I went and had our hair done.

I don't have a picture yet of the end result of her, but she looks really good!  We love our hair salon and hair dresser.

After we got our hair done, we went to a friend's baby shower.  That was a lot of fun.  When that was over, Daughter and Son went over to a cookout with Daughter's BFF.  Foxy and I stayed home.  He had been smoking meat all day, and I made a cake.

I think it turned out really well.  I hate to eat Peeps, but it was fund to make this sunflower cake.  Everyone thought it was cute.  I like creating things with food.  I am not very good at it yet, but I am going to keep practicing. 

Sunday, we had church.  The kids of our church act out the song "Watch the Lamb".  I cry every time I see them do it.  Every.Time.  The little boy behind me, who is 8 or so, started crying too.  It really got to him too.  We had a packed house this year.  That was awesome.  The weather was beautiful and the crowd was great.  The whole service was good.

Then we went over to my parents for lunch.  There was a lot of people there and a lot of food.  We all had a great time together.  Then we went back to church for the choir concert.  The choir concert was wonderful!  Daughter sang a solo, I directed and it all came together nicely.  It was attended very well and I was very tied after it was over.  So then I went home and did dishes and relaxed, watching a little tv and reading.

This week is springbreak for the kids, so I left them at home sleeping this AM.  Today they are going with the BFF to watch his sister and help his mom clean.  Tonight we need to get Daughter's phone checked, AGAIN.  It keeps turning off on her.  Not three weeks ago, we had this checked and the phone replaced because of a software problem.  This is getting very irritating.  I wonder what they will say tonight?

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