Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to all my new Blog Buddies!  I am so happy to have so many new friends!

Today at See Foxes?  I always try and give you a look at my wacky family.  I love each and every one of the them and I thank the Lord for them because if they weren't around, what else would I have to write about?  Right? 

Daughter, Son and I were sitting on our sofa.  It is a reclining sofa, so the two end seats recline with footrests.  I was on one end and Son on the other, with Daughter in the middle.  Daughter wanted to recline too, so she put one leg on my footrest and one leg on Son's footrest, sharing with us.  Son looked at her and said, "Isn't that uncomfortable?", as her legs were spread out quite far.  She said, "Not when you are flexible."  Our teenage neighbor was in gymnastics and cheerleading.  She taught Daughter, who was around four at the time,  to do the straddles.  For years, Daughter would sit on the floor in front of the tv, in the straddle position, not even thinking about it. She would even lean down and put her chin on the floor.  It took me a long time to break her of that!

Last night, Daughter drove BFF home.  She was a bit nervous because he lives in the middle of a steep hill.  He said, "Don't leave yet.  Let me go get my Grandma and little Sis to watch you drive away."  So we waited.  As we were waiting, I told her to keep her foot on the brake hard so she wouldn't go backward down the hill.  She stated that she didn't want to do a burn out or anything either.  As soon as they came out, she mashed the gas and did a huge burnout up the hill.  I was cracking up the whole way.  I called BFF and he was laughing so hard!  He loved it.  Daughter was a bit embarassed, but at least we got that out of the way too.  It was really funny.

Son keeps telling us he wants to go to a military school.  I think it's admirable, that he already knows he would like to follow in his oldest sister's steps and go in to the service.  So my parents took a little trip to Pennsylvania and Virgina last week and stopped at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).  We have been kidding Son that Gpa was going to pick up an application for him.  So Son called Gma and asked her about it.  She said they had toured the facility and all we had to do was come up with $36.000 a year!  A.YEAR!  WOW!  Son told us that and Foxy looked at him and stated, "I'll just wait until you are 16 and put you in the Army.  It will be much cheaper!  LOL

Have a great day!


  1. That's hilarious! I know military school is expensive. My brother went to MMA, Marine's Military Academy, for two years. I thought my parents where going to have a stroke when they paid for the first year and then the second. But he's such a great person because of it. He even went into the Marines right out of high school.

  2. I can't believe it is that expensive!


  3. How funny!!

    $36,000 a year?!? oh my...


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