Monday, April 12, 2010

Now the Fun Begins!

Hi.  How are ya?  How was your weekend?  Mine?  Oh, it was fine.  Actually not as busy as normal, which was nice, but eventful anyway.

Friday I got off work an hour and a half early, so I could take Daughter for her post-surgery appointment.  Dr. G said all looked well, she needs to keep up the good work, and she should massage her incisions, 10 minutes each with a moisturizing lotion.  Not sure what that is about, and when Daughter heard that, she exclaimed..."What?  That will take almost an hour! (She has five incisions.)  Dr. G just smiled and started making fun of her by acting like he was on the phone with his friends.  LOL. 

She asked him if he was going to let her go back to gym class.  He asked "Why?"

She stated that it is safer to participate in gym than to watch them play from the sidelines because of some of the athletes get a bit crazy and she was dodging soccer balls before spring break.

He told her that she can do anything she wanted to...anything legal, he stressed.  She thought that was funny.

Friday evening, we went to dinner and that was it.  Not a big night.  Foxy worked all weekend too.

Saturday:  We got up, and got ready for the morning of errands; library, grocery, etc.  I asked Daughter about going to get her temps.  She said, "Uh, could I do it another time.  I am not ready."

"Okay." I say, and stuff her birth certificate and SS card into my purse.  We go off to the library.  As we are walking up the steps to the library, I asked her why she didn't want to try for her temps.  "Is it because the whole place is scary and confusing?" 

She confirmed that it was all that.  We renew the books we want to keep and start back to the car.  I look at her and say, "Let's go try for your temps."

She says, "Okay."  So off we go.  We get there and it's full of people just waiting to get their temps.  We pull a number off the ring and sit down.  I ask her if she wants to take one of the books and study a little.  She says she doesn't.  Finally, the call her number.  Her and I walk up to the desk and hand the number to the clerk.  She asks Daughter what she wants.  Daughter tells her to take her temps license.  So the lady asks her a few more questions and asks her to wait in the seat next to the desk.  When someone finished, the clerk tells Daughter to go sit at that computer and she may begin when she sees her name on the screen.  So for the next 45 minutes to an hour, Son and I sit and wait.  Biting our nails, looking at our phones, holding our breath and praying.  Finally she emerges victorious!  She said she read every question that she didn't understand, at least three times.  It took her a while, but she passed!  We are very proud of her.  Now the scary part begins, teaching her to drive.    How do I do it?

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