Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend update

How was your weekend?  Mine was okay. 

Friday evening, Fox, Daughter, Son, BFF, and my parents went with me to see a high school performance of the musical Grease.  It was pretty good.  I thought all the actors and actresses did a great job and the dancing was really good.    However, I don't remember it being quite so, so...well, it just seemed to jump around more than I remember.  The flow of the songs and the story seemed off.  I could have been me. 

Saturday, Foxy worked and Son went with his friend to the season opening of Kings Island.  So Daughter and I ran some errands and took BFF to see the movie The Bounty Hunter.  You know, the one with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler?  It was cute.  I enjoyed the twists and turns and seeing the guy from SNL get beat up (I think he is annoying), but I probably won't see that one again.  Unless someone else rents it.

Sunday, I didn't feel well.  I got up with a headache and I just felt bad.  I went to church, the choir sang, we went out to lunch with friends, and then down to a strip mall.  Then I came home and slept for a while.  Then I went to a retirement village and sang and led music with our church.  I am still not 100%, but I am better.  So it was not a major weekend.  But that is okay.  I do not always need to be running, right?

So, what did you do?

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