Thursday, April 8, 2010

My new Love

Last night, everything worked for the best.  Foxy, Daughter, Son, and BFF went looking, just looking mind you for a refrigerator.  We had the washer worked last Saturday and my husband mentioned our fridge to the repairman.  He was nice enough to look at it and told him that because it was at least 25+ years old, finding parts to repair it would be a nightmare.  Our best bet would be to purchase a new one.  So, after mulling that over and realizing that living without a fridge would be a bad thing, we went looking last night.

I am the type of person that hates to shop for anything.  I also know what I really want and when I find it, I get it.  Like with my Ford Edge.  I sat in a Saturn View, which I thought I would love, but hated how I felt in it.  So when I sat in the Edge, it was love at first sight.  Period.  We started looking at appliances at Lowe's.  Now, I had my mind set on going to Sears for this purchase.  I was thinking, I have a card to use, Sears always gives us a decent deal and price, etc.  But, when I saw this....

I was in L.O.V.E.  The best part?  It actually was a scratch and dent piece.  They unloaded it Tuesday off the truck, took off the cardboard and saw a little bitty dent in the right side (as you look at it).  That side will be against a wall anyway.  So they took $350 off, and I still could get the extended warranty because it had not been repaired.  So next Friday morning, this will be in my house!  I am pretty excited.

As for the old fridge?  It will go into the garage as a second fridge for pop and leftovers and such.  We had one for quiet a while until it died last summer.  I have found that I can not live happily with just one fridge.  We cook too much stuff, or something.  But I am excited.

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