Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 5: Prom Revisited

Tonight is our high school's Senior Prom.  Our neighbor is going and she is very excited.  She has a new dress, getting a new hair do, and she has been tanning for weeks!  LOL.  I text her this morning and asked her when she was leaving.  She text me back and told me around five pm.  I am sad, because I don't get off work until then.  So Foxy and Daughter will have to go over and Ooh and Aah over her dress and all.  Every time we have talked to Miss Varsity Cheerleader, she has told us the countdown days until Prom. 

So that got me thinking about my prom, X amount of years ago.  I wish I had a picture on my computer.  But, I don't.  So here are my Friday 5 about what I remember of Prom 1986.

1.  I had a short dress.  It was black on the top, with white crenalin on the bottom, with a red sash. 

2.  My date drove me in an MG convertible, with the top down.  LOL.  Good thing I had short hair that didn't go anyway.

3.  Another girl at the dance had the exact same dress on only with pink on top.  I never saw her, but I heard she was upset about it.  I don't know why though.  Yeah, the same dress, but different colors.  BIG Deal!

4.  The afterprom was not until the next day, so I got home around 2 am.  We had fun, though.

5.  We went on a cruise boat on the Ohio River the next afternoon for lunch.  It was sunny, peaceful and a good time for all of us to unwind after the night before.

Pretty tame, right?  Yeah, that's me.  I am not the party animal.


  1. You had the same dress as another girl? How dare you;) LOL What a great post to reflect back on your own prom. A cruise boat the next day?! How neat!!!!

  2. There were several girls at my prom with the same dress. And another girl who had hers made but the seamstress didn't finish it and just tacked it and it started to fall apart while she was dancing. She was not happy!

  3. It's prom season already? Shows how often I get out, lol. Thank you for following Fugitive Firefly, I'm following you too :) Hope you have wonderful day!

  4. I'm lamer (more lame?) than you are. I didn't even go to my senior prom. *sniff* *sob*


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